Our Services


Conventional Systems


A conventional septic system utilizes two separate septic tanks which are piped in a series.  A gravity-flow solid line runs from the tank to a gravel drain field.  This system works best with well drained sandy/sandy-clay soils where a there is some slope to the land.  


Low Pressure Dosing Systems


A Low Pressure Dosing, or LPD system, utilizes two septic tanks piped into a third pump tank.  This tank then pumps the fluids to a gravel drain field.  This system is used when soils are sandy/clay to clay mix and properties are relatively flat or uphill in elevation.  

ET Bed Systems


The ET Bed System utilizes two septic tanks piped in a series and a solid line which connects the tanks to a bull-run valve.  This separates the water into two separate fields.  This system is used in mainly clay soils.  This system can also be gravity fed or pump controlled.  

PreCast Septic Tanks


We make and sell precast septic tanks that hold from 250 gallons to 750 gallons along with lids.

Pump and Alarm Maintenance/Riser Installations


We provide pump repairs, installations, grinder pump systems, septic tank dig-offs, and riser installations.  We can also coordinate your pumping of tanks when needed.